Tension Fabric Display | San Diego Sign Company

Events and trade shows can be hectic enough without a large, clunky sign to carry around with you. You’ll need something lightweight and convenient, that still gets you the attention of the crowds. Tension fabric displays are your answer.

As one of the easiest forms of portable advertisements, our fabric displays from SD Sign can be fully set up in only a matter of minutes. With a vibrant and catchy graphic on the fabric display, your team will be able to focus on all the new customers coming in to check out your company. These displays are one of the most recent models in display show advertising and will be sure to prove their worth.

With SD Sign, we let you customize nearly every aspect of your fabric trade show displays, from color and shape to graphics and size. We want you to create the perfect advertisement for your company. On top of that, we also offer a variety of accessories to spice up your portable fabric display or to help make the set up even more efficient.

Fabric displays are the most practical advertisements for any event and SD Sign will help you bring your vision to life.